About us — Climbing Mount Fuji in Japan

Climbing Mount Fuji in Japan

Japan is a wonderful country, and here and there one can realize, that environment-, nature- and self-respect is planted in early childhood. During the whole trip we were followed with the constant sense of safety and harmony throughout. Probably, hitting by an old man who is peacefully riding his bicycle on his way back from work late at night, is the most dangerous thing could happen to us there. It is the country of strict rules and traditions, but that is the reason to explain the highest level of comfort for most of citizens. The Japanese are fairly called heavy workaholics, and there is a lifetime employment system according to which staff gets extra payment for work for the same company during a very long period.

Climbing sacred Mount Fuji at least once in life is the matter of honour to each Japanese. Fuji (also Fuji-san, ‘san’ standing for ‘respect’, and Fujiyama, ‘yama’ standing for ‘mountain’) with its height of 3,776.24 m (12,389 ft) it reaches the ultimate level to climb without necessity to descend for acclimatization. And there are only two months in a year that are favorable for the activity, they are June and July. When preparing for the climbing we were aware the elderly Japanese were also climbing Fuji, due to what the task simply seemed to be another adventure for tourists. When in practice the things turned out to be far more dangerous and serious. The higher we went, the more we suffered due to lack of oxygen and symptoms of mountain sickness. Besides we were influenced with the constant drastic changes of weather. The volcano prepared for us its specialty cocktail of fog, heat, rain, snow and sun.

Still, despite the obvious discomfort, dizziness and fatigue because of the climbing up the steep rocky route, we felt safe all the time. Up the peak both, the volcano crater, that hadn’t erupted for more than 300 years, and marvelous scenery covered with the clouds of the universe beauty, were waiting for us. It is the wonder of the climax moment, that it is unique and long-lasting. Only several minutes to make pictures within the rays of sunset and we were supposed to make another exhausting way down the mountain, as we had to come back until dawn. They are not just words that respect to others in Japan is manifested with, throughout the route we were delighted with the cleanliness around us, and should some garbages happen on our way, it is customary for Japan people to pick them, what we honorably did too. Probably, when speaking about Japan as the country of future, they are not just advanced technologies meant, but also the ability to keep the precious harmony and culture of coexisting with nature and with their own kind.