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BranD No More Rules by SendPoints

Branding project for stylish lingerie brand POM POM created by Reynolds and Reyner made the pages of Brand, the globally renowned designed magazine. The bi-monthly edition features the most remarkable works in all branches of communication design as well as review articles by the world’s leading organizations of the field.

The famous publisher Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd based in Hong Kong presents Brand both in English and Chinese versions, providing its readers with the most qualitative examples of projects in advertising, architecture, graphic design, interior design, etc. POM POM project is published in the issue called No More Rules for a reason, as the work challenges all the stereotypes existing. This time Brand targets such design element as pattern that now knows no limits and finds its most sudden shapes. Its creator is the designer philosopher driven by freedom and innovative idea.

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ISSN: 2226-6542
ISBN: 978-988-13835-9-4
Publisher: SendPoints
Binding: Soft cover
Trim size: 225 x 295mm
Pages: 200
Language: English/English-Chinese