About us — In the book "Logo Talks 4"

In the book "Logo Talks 4"

The logo, developed from words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, colors, is one of the most important media communications between business and consumers. In the visual world, logos convey ideas without words. The first series of the ‘Logo Talks’ book was published in 2010, today the 4th series has already been released. It contains the latest logos from all around the world and presents a diverse and inspirational collection of the latest trends in branding and logo design.

In the book, among more than 1000 logo design projects from around the world, there are also logos created by us for ‘LaPierra’ from New Orleans and ‘Breaze Cars’ from Hong Kong.

Details: wheelers.co.nz

ISBN: 978-988-14688-1-9
Publisher: Artpower
English language
Cover: Cardboard Jacket
Format: 210x280mm
Pages: 288