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Fashion Packaging Now by Images Publishing

One of the projects by Reynolds and Reyner Studio contributed to the pages of Fashion Packaging Now. Package design for the stylish lingerie brand from New York POM POM is highlighted by the Chinese editorial office Images Publishing Shanghai headquartered in Australia. Initially featuring outstanding projects in architecture and interior design branches recently IMAGES has considerably widened the scope of its content. Today it is worlds’ acknowledged leader offering qualitative full color publications of the most successful works in landscape design, fashion-industry, photography, graphic design.

Millions of design projects for such global brands as Puma, Adidas, Nike, etc. are annually accompanied with persuasive illustrations of the highest quality. The particular emphasis is placed on the fact how the package effects the integral perception of both the package and the given product in its most significant way. The innovative visualization engines provide the best delivery of the advanced design concepts, the most relevant industrial and graphic design advices being also featured in the book. The fact also makes the book a powerful vivid platform for designers, brand-managers, lecturers and retail managers themselves.

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ISBN: 9781864706802
Dimensions: 285x205mm
Page Count: 240
Publication Date: May 2016