About us — Trip to the Alps 2018

Trip to the Alps 2018

They say: “If you’ve applied for some big traveler title, you should go one day to the place where mountains scratch the skies”. And if the location offers not just admiration of nature’s beauty, but true adrenaline rush, that is exactly what we need! This time we headed one of the southernmost and the largest in Europe ski resorts in the Alps, Serre Chevalier valley, located in Provence, France, bordering Italy. To our great convenience Kyiv-Milano direct flight has recently been launched and we set off to meet the adventure. It takes around 3.5 h drive by minivan to get from Milano to Serre Chevalier. Since the valley covers the territory of several communes, consisting of villages, there is a great variety of accommodation and ski slopes options there.

There are lots of amusement activities, both for freshers and expert skiers, throughout the 250 km of ski runs. To keep comfortable and safe both multi-level slopes, such as 23 green, 29 blue, 39 red, 12 black and 63 ski lifts are provided. There are many sites for freeride, a large snow-park with various ski jumps, slalom- and cross country trails. It is up to you to choose your style and location, the only thing that matters is to stay safe! Should you run out of the slopes it may happen that you can get into another town once you ski down. Just the very way it once happened to us. You may be advertised all advantages when choosing a certain resort destination. All, butthefavourableweather…

Regrettably, we were lucky with the weather only partially. Most of the stay days it was sunny, but too warm and no snow, and it was only the last day of our trip that hard snow fell down the valley. That very moment we decided to go to the highest peak of the valley despite the snowstorm. Usually within such cloudy conditions no one goes skiing so high at all. But adventure seekers we are!.. One little moment, and you are on your way to nowhere… things around merged into the homogeneous action movie snow decorations. You start feeling lightheaded, the line between reality and illusion got blurred, body control is lost, and you switch to the autopilot mode, when the inner navigator can rarely fix the slope border marks. And that is the only guide of the right path. Within such hard snow conditions your own perceptions undergo their total reboot. When the ground eludes from under the feet and you can’t feel the legs because of the continuous effort to balance, some second breath allows catching the invisible air corridor. There is only one thought arising: “I wish I could be at the office right now”.