About us — Ukrainian Design Awards 2014

Ukrainian Design Awards 2014

Reynolds and Reyner branding agency took premium awards in 5 categories at “Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of” competition this year. It is the annual event held to report about Ukrainian creators’ activities, submit their results and reward the best ones. 830 projects by 266 agencies from different parts of Ukraine took place in the competition this year.

The contest is aimed to show to the whole world and Ukrainians in particular that this country is rich in design projects and professional designers as well, sort out the most talented ones, stimulate development of the branch and introduce the best examples of modern design production of all kinds to the audience.

Details: Design-awards.com.ua

Alexander Andreyev, Designer/Partner:

“Since our agency was found “Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of” has been the first competition we decided to take part at. We are much grateful to the sponsors to find energy to organize the event for the third time despite everything. It is “Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of” that is the indicator of Ukrainian designers’ progress. This year has been especially hard to create something attractive due to design and advertisement budget reduction and consumer demand decrease, especially among medium+ and more categories, allowing something really worth participation in competitions.

We had also been awarded prizes for our projects within several contests before. Last year in particular we won platinum awards at MarCom Awards for one of our projects but unfortunately it didn’t arrive. The project was performed for one of New-York agencies, thus they took all the awards, as well as the project rights. These are the rules, especially with the international-level customers. Nevertheless, the example proves all the importance of Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of. We are to show that Ukrainian design does exist, prove that one can trust Ukrainians event more significant projects. It is high time for both Ukrainian creators and the whole country to display the world their self-sufficiency and we aren’t to miss the chance.

It is twice pleasing that “Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of” Competition has been included into the Creativity & Craft Rating 2014-2014 by the executive committee of Ukrainian Advertising Group, due to what our agency was rapidly pushed out to TOP-5 design agencies of Ukraine in the intermediate rating.”

Five winner-projects by Reynolds and Reyner at “Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of”:
Waldo Trommler Paints – The world’s brightest brand of paints. “The Very Best of” award in the category ‘Graphic Design – Packaging Design’.
London Coffee House – Bringing Kings Cross to Kiev. “The Best of” award in ‘Graphic design – Corporate identity’ category.
Anti-Smoking Pack – Social implicit design packaging. “The Best of” award in ‘Industrial Design – Packaging design’ category.
Breaze Cars – Luxury, carbon-free transport in Hong Kong. “The Best of” award in ‘Graphic Design – Logotypes’ category.
Liverpool English Pub – A classic English pub comes to Ukraine. "The Best of" awards in ‘Graphic Design – Corporate identity’ category.