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Bon Appetit by SendPoints

Coffee House London is a complex branding project by Reynolds and Reyner developed for English style coffee shop in Kiev is featured in Bon Appétit by Sendpoints. Within each edition 256 pages offer the parade of ‘A’ to ‘Z’ scope brand identity works for restaurants, cafes and bakeries performed by the world’s most brilliant creators. Lyrics between a gourmet and a culinary masterpiece is emerged long before the desired dish gets on the plate. It is the interior and visual presentation of the dining area that is like a generous compliment called to make first impression.

The initial image of the place’s concept is created due to the graphic designer’s thorough creative search. Coffee House London covers the full spectrum of works in strategy, brand identity, logo, signage, interior and exterior design, communication concept and packaging design and thus fairly takes the pages of the popular book.

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ISBN: 978-988-14703-4-8
Publisher: Sendpoints
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
Trim Size: 215 X 280mm
Pages: 256