About us — Lecture 2015 at Kiev Academy of Media Arts

Lecture 2015 at Kiev Academy of Media Arts

On the 8th of February we had a chance to inspire and share our thoughts and experience with students of the graphic design course in Kiev Academy of Media Arts. “The industry heroes” of this day were Alexander Andreyev and Artyom Kulik, founders of Reynolds and Reyner branding agency – one of the top 5 agencies in Ukraine. The educational format in KAMA provides not just a continuous study but a dynamic practice program aimed to deeply immerse the students into the creative environment and world of design in particular.

It is proved that direct interaction with the successful industry professionals is considered to be the most effective means of motivation of the fresher-creators. It is the purpose that informal meetings with the leading figures of creative occupation are regularly held with.

Details: k-a-m-a.com

Sharing the experience and practical advices of making unique product in graphic design industry is always exciting and responsibly for Reynolds and Reyner as there are neither exact and clear distinctions, nor standard clichés promising the inevitable success in this profession. It is important together with the creative mindset and talent incorporated somewhat at a genetic level daily working hard at self-improvement, challenge own abilities, be a good psychologist and a judge of characters, develop own creative way of thinking and personal uniqueness step by step.

There are no two the same designers in the world, to find the own unique style and the language of harmonization of art and logic these are the qualities that will distinguish you out of the specially trained staff crowd.

By showing own actual experiences displayed during the meeting we tried to provide some practical guidance on how to deliver design by means of visual language, sell the product to a client, to convey the topic requested by a customer, set the trends but not to become a routine copy-machine. To become a powerful producer of progressive ideas it is necessary to be a desperate romantic of the craft but not driven by the idea of financial gain. Should you simply want big money you are definitely moving the wrong way!

If you are ready to the total self-devotion and constant search instead, are able to accept defeats and invent new unique ways out accordingly, as this industry is impossible without it, then no one knows where the world of graphic design can lead exactly you to. And should this lecture be remarkable and enlightening for at least one of the delegates it is already a great achievement for us.