About us — 5 Years’ Cooperation with J.P.Morgan Chase

5 Years’ Cooperation with J.P.Morgan Chase

Within the recent five years Reynolds and Reyner branding agency has been successfully realizing design projects for J.P. Morgan Chase, the leading financial holding. In the frames of J.P. Morgan Chase International Council, the annual large-scale event, its participants are meeting within one of the largest cities of the world to set economic, social and political tendencies. Europe and Middle East, Latin and North America States, Africa and Asia, the world’s leading investors, CEOs of the local offices and high-ranking executives of all the continents are gathering with the common purpose.

Our cooperation with J.P.Morgan Chase is strictly confidential still it is noteworthy that working at each project is highly demanding and requires ultimate targeting the key aims considering the multinational staff and present-day humanity realities in total. The J.P. Morgan Chase top-management representatives are provided with the most up-to-date global-scale advice delivered by the Council members. London, Mexico City, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Shanghai, this is the present list of the hosting cities we developed the branding projects for. Each year the design acquires its new face, new geography, unique local charm. It is the take-an-all-or-nothing approach to transfer the customer’s wish into the deep and concise system of symbols and images that remains constant.

Each work is a self-challenge, since the new project is to even more justify trust proved with the course of time and practice. The design is supposed to reflect national peculiarities and emphasize uniqueness of each new region’s mindset. At the same time it cannot look too obvious being based on pretty-long rotated images happening within every guidebook. The J.P. Morgan Chase International Council 2018 hosting city is to be revealed soon.