About us — Five times featured on TheDieline

Five times featured on TheDieline

Three of our team’s projects, Colier, our work for Waldo Trommler Paints and Coffee House London, have been featured on TheDieline.com, the world’s most-visited package design website. The Dieline is considered the industry’s top source for package design, with worldwide readership in the millions.

As perfectionists to the very marrow of our bones we are certainly happy to find our works decently acknowledged by such a world-scale expert in branch design. By publishing own ratings of the most favorite package design, the source has become the unchallengeable trend-setter of the most outstanding design ideas as they are. When choosing the eye-catching works it highlights the unique peculiarities of the innovational technologies, materials, technological decisions and, as the result, direct perception of the given product by a consumer.

The American portal The Dieline organizes its own contest The Dieline Awards. Annually the jury consisting of the very best construction, design and branding experts selects the winners based on three key components: Creativity, Innovation and Marketability.

Moreover The Dieline stands as a sponsor for the first and the only worldwide competition Pentawards dedicated exclusively to package design.