About us — Interview for Drinks Plus 2015#2

Interview for Drinks Plus 2015#2

We were happy to share our thoughts about worldwide trends in label designs in the latest DRINKS+ issue. It is the most famous specialized periodical about wine in Ukraine. Due to the unique free of charge distribution concept throughout the places the most concentrating the final consumers of the noble drinks, regular presentation at prestigious international exhibitions as well as direct mail method aiming toward large trade companies’ owners the journal is guaranteed to be delivered to the target audience representatives.

Providing within over 20 years 10 editions annually of professional content accompanied with highly coloured visualization DRINKS+ has surely won the irreproachable reputation of expert in drinks market as well as successful advertisement in the segment.

Details: Drinks.com.ua

Taking into consideration the facts above mentioned we gladly told the story of our professional way resulting in 4 pages of detailed and sincere interview. Within the discussion we shared our experience how to produce qualitative design for foreign and domestic clients, highlighted the peculiarities and differences of perception of the given product by the target audience in accordance to its mindset and geography of the brand allocation as well as the tendencies in modern design. Why it is hard to work with French companies, what are the “old” and “new school” designs, how to give a more expensive look to your brand, what defines its integrity, how fonts working skill indentifies designer’s professional level and why labels created in the CIS countries don’t look and feel like European brands.

By our own company example we displayed how appealing to emotions and balancing between fiction and reality at the same time to create the progressive legend. Among other points of the interview such questions as discussion of the problems and tendencies in Ukrainian design, how to make high-quality design at acceptable rates and why it is not so easy to find a like-minded professional to join Reynolds and Reyner team were raised.