About us — Behance Portfolio Review 2014

Behance Portfolio Review 2014

Twice a year the global online portfolio service Behance is getting designers together to mingle and criticize each other’s portfolios. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, architects and other specialists of modern art-occupation, both beginners and professionals, meet to find out how to produce the deadly catching-eye creative works amongst the overall media content.

Together with 200 cities worldwide Behance Portfolio Review is taking place in Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and Zhytomyr.

Details: Behance.net/reviews

Behance.net is one of the best platforms to perform and assess portfolios of all those related to creative crafts and visual art. Ease of use, convenience and availability of the service makes it possible to submit the projects at the international level in a qualitative and concise way. Due to what thousands of the like-minded are offered opportunity to team up, get some constructive criticism, votes and feedbacks, as well as draw attention of the prominent foreign customers. High review and votes ratings of each given project are determined not only by the uniqueness of the work itself but also by the choice of the manner and the representing tools of each detail able to draw and hold attention.

Moreover Behance features the team of even-handed editors defining the best projects and publishing them into ‘favorites’. It is the target point of any designer worldwide to get into the desired TOP-selection. While within the frames of Behance Portfolio Review authors of the best projects are invited for live communication and practical skills exchange.

We were more than happy to join Behance Portfolio Review 5 in Ukraine this year and to share our thoughts, vision and story. We do hope it was interesting and the lecture ran over for complete 2 hours instead of the 15 minutes initially given for good reason. Thank you for joining us.