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Packaging Design by Braun

Anti-Smoking Pack design developed by Reynolds and Reyner branding agency made the pages of Braun Packaging Design by Braun Publishing AG, Switzerland. The book has been published since 2013 and featuring annually the most state-of-the-art packaging design projects for food and beverages, body care, leisure and other solid and liquid products. The overwhelming collection of the most attractive design decisions come with the qualitative illustrations as the fair evidence of the integral connection between the packaging and its content, and the way packaging colour, shape and composition play a major role in the popularity of the product.

Anti-Smoking Pack is supposed to be a social connotation project frankly warning smokers from the dangerous habit. Each sampled packaging is a slight reminder you are holding a small coffin in your pocket. With such presentation the trivial warning ‘Smoking Kills’ simply expires.

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ISBN: 978-3-03768-139-8
Language: English
Publisher: Braun Publishing AG, Switzerland
Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
Trim Size: 21 X 28.5 cm
Pages: 240