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Fantastic Designs in the Store by Artpower

Sons of Christiania (SOC) Scandinavian menswear branding project developed by Reynolds and Reyner Studio has been published in the newest Fantastic Designs in the Store book. Issued since April, 2017, the edition collects the most outstanding branding projects, placing a particular focus on interior design as the key concept in presentation of goods and services. Stuffed with the highest quality publications, both in visual and printing connotation, the book breaks the present-day stereotypes about uselessness of shop-windows and show-room interiors. By contrast, Fantastic Designs in the Store insists on evident efficiency of the thoroughly developed interior design of commercial areas in provoking the potential supplier’s demand. The edition is of high interest both to the designers striving for inspiration and shop managers.

SOC project is presently one of the few works within Reynolds and Reyner portfolio featuring show-room interior design among branding and packaging design development. Taking into consideration quite a rare interior design experience, the popularity and acknowledgement of the project by numerous editions, including Fantastic Designs in the Store, can be considered as Reynolds and Reiner’s proved success.

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ISBN: 9881468833, 9789881468833
Language: English
Publisher: Artpower International Publish Company, Limited, 2017
Pages: 240