About us — Brand! VOL.5 by Ooogo

Brand! VOL.5 by Ooogo

The 5th volume of Brand! has come! A new volume, a new landscape, with our unfailing dedication to innovation conceptually and practically.

With the theme of “Creation and Design Process”, Brand! VOL.5 would like to share with you revealing stories behind some famous creative cases.

Creation and Design Process
Common as it is for people to value the result over the process, the real fun is often lost in this attitude. A comparison can be drawn to travelling, which will be doomed to tedium if the traveler focuses only on the destination and takes no notice at all of the scenery along the road. A great creation process is in itself an intriguing adventure, as well as the only way to unexpected outcomes. This explains why “Creation and Design Process” has been made the theme of Brand! VOL.5.
In the past Brand! VOL.4, we talked to five pioneering brand strategy institutes, including Interbrand, Base, Moving Brands, Duffy & Partners, and KMS TEAM. The definition of brand design offered by Andy Payne, global chief creative officer of Interbrand, was impressive, and the creation process of each case of Moving Brands was a pleasant surprise. All this inspired the idea of the topic in question.
It has always been Brand!'s aspiration to help you benefit from the experience of a number of world-renowned brands. In the past few years, Brand! has covered the world's top professional companies and teams such as Interbrand, Landor, Ogilvy & Mather, W+K, Base, DRAFT, Moving Brands, Duffy & Partners, and KMS TEAM, gaining global reputation with over 1.4 million readers. Nevertheless, we see, as always, our particular advantages as the starting point for long-term development instead of the destination. We set goals that may appear unattainable for the time being, but we believe in our ability to deliver expectation-exceeding performance through consistent strive for these goals. This also holds true for creation. It is our sincere hope that you will find Brand! VOL.5 has a lot to offer.
520 pages
230 x 305mm
Language: English
Released: May 2013
Shipping Weight: 4.4kg
ISBN: 978-988-19172-6-3