Ukrainian Design the Very Best of 2015

887 projects have been applied for Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2015 competition, the most important competition dealing with Ukrainian design, 5 winners of which being ours within the most competitive graphic design nomination.


«Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of remains the main and the most interesting competition dealing with Ukrainian design. This year graphic design nomination appeared to be the most competitive. Only 6 projects of the 544 submitted took the first prize, i.e. slightly more than 1%, which is too few. At least 9 of the 10 international jury members were to acknowledge the success of a project, while it is pretty difficult to please professionals from all over the world. It is only identity and package design for Pom Pom underwear brand that we took the first prize for. Some time before this very project had been featured by Computer Arts, the most famous magazine dealing with graphic design, and this could possibly provoke the jury to favour us.
Generally speaking, just like last year we have now taken 5 awards. The studio is mostly dealing with consumer and corporate branding due to what we applied for these sub-nominations only. Some of the winner-projects like Sons of Christiania and The Classic being not yet published at our official web-site, so very rich in work matters this year has appeared to be. We expect to feature them to you in details in the nearest future, meanwhile do visit the exhibition of the best Ukrainian projects, taking place at G13 Project Studio and lasting up till the 16th of October.”

The winner projects:
POM POM – stylish and daring underwear brand from Los-Angeles. The Very Best of Award in ‘Graphic Design – Branding and Identity’ nomination.

Sons of Christiania – true men’s wear Scandinavian brand. 2 The Best of Awards in ‘Graphic Design – Branding and Identity’ and ‘Graphic Design – Branding and Concept Design’.

Sub Energy Drink – 3D effect energy drink. The Very Best of Award in ‘Graphic Design – Concept Design’

The Classic – coffee-flavoured fashion boutique in the very centre of Los-Angeles. The Very Best of Award in ‘Graphic Design – Branding and Identity’ nomination.

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