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Borjomi "Winter 2019"

2019 winter edition designs

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Borjomi water, which is known to every consumer, is not afraid of experiments, new approaches and bright solutions, constantly evolving and rethinking its packaging design and advertising campaigns. With a similar approach, the brand’s festive winter packaging design was implemented, which will be a joy for consumers, shelf decoration and an indispensable attribute of the New Year holidays. Borjomi is not the first to surprise consumers with festive packaging with branded brand elements, but also develops a story with a new design.

In the winter of 2019-2020, limited jars and bottles of the Georgian brand appeared on store shelves. The masked girl, similar to the heroine of the “you with character” communication campaign, became the illustration and the main element of identity development. The new design is harmoniously complemented by bright elements that give a festive atmosphere. Also, the new packaging could not do without the corporate color "Georgian Green".

Borjomi is a brand of mineral water with character. A unique taste with a legendary history, which is always in its own special and appropriate, and does not lose its uniqueness for more than 130 years. And the new limited edition Borjomi, in a unique holiday package, will complement the atmosphere of the holiday, give an even wider range of emotions, give the right message that each of us is unique, like every day we live, every second and every moment. The traditional taste in the new Borjomi style will help to catch and enjoy them.

Year: 2019
Website: borjomi.com