About us — In the magazine "Package and Design" 198

In the magazine "Package and Design" 198

In the Chinese magazine “Package & Design” n198, which was founded back in 1973, was published an article about our agency and many design works are presented. These are our works for the English pub in Ukraine “Liverpool English Pab”, the limited collection of elite champagne “Coller”, the brightest paint brand in the world “Waldo Trommier Paints”, Coffee House “London”, nail polish from New Orleans “LaPierre”, Anti-Smoking Pack packaging design with social overtones and many others.

This magazine featured outstanding designer works from more than fifty countries. Chinese designers through publications around the world, organizing and conducting seminars, inform the public about the value of design. “Package & Design” Magazine is the most influential professional magazine in China.

Details: package-design.net

ISSN: 1007-4759
Publisher: Package & Design Publishing House
Language: Chinese / English
Cover: Softcover
Format: 215x304mm
Pages: 116