About us — In the book “Packaging Materials”

In the book “Packaging Materials”

The book Packaging Materials describes a large number of packaging materials: from paper and wood to leather and metal. The book reviews about a hundred projects, they emphasize the relationship between the design of packaging and the materials which it is made of. It reflects the features and a structure of various materials used in packaging design, the knowledge about allows you to make the design not only attractive but also functional.

A striking example of the symbiosis of practicality and beauty is our project of the limited collection of sparkling wines "Colier", which is included in the book “Packaging materials”. This product is focused on a business woman. The container is made so that the champagne inside remains chilled for a long time. The publication will be interesting not only for specialists in the field of design, but also for connoisseurs of practical and beautiful packaging designs.

ISSN: 9789881294364
Publisher: SendPoints
Language: English / Chinese
Cover: Hardcover
Format: 215x280mm
Pages: 272