About us — In “Gallery the world’s best graphics magazine 18”

In “Gallery the world’s best graphics magazine 18”

The Waldo Trommler Paints paint project, that we developed for a small Finnish company, entered the magazine “The World’s Best Graphics” N18. After the launch of the updated design, WTP quickly became the friendliest and most noticeable paint brand on the shelf.

Magazine “Gallery the world’s best graphics” is published once every two months. It presents the latest graphic trends and the best designs from around the world in areas such as packaging, web pages, environments, events, illustrations and more. The publication is always on the quest of works that carry a creative idea and have a perfect design performance.

ISSN: 2074-496Х
Publisher: Choi's Gallery
Language: English
Cover: Softcover
Format: 215x260mm
Pages: 240