About us — In the book "Coloring Your Brand"

In the book "Coloring Your Brand"

According to brand perception research, color gamut has a direct impact on 60% of consumers. Color is one of the most important visual elements for identifying a brand or company among competitors. The book “Coloring Your Brand” contains works that illustrate the importance of the brand colors, their application in practice for the successful creation of designs that are unique and understandable to the target audience.

The book collects the outstanding works of talented design studios and independent designers around the world. On the pages of the book “Coloring Your Brand” you can find our project for a small Finnish company “Waldo Trommler Paints”, an ultra-bright paint brand. After the launch of the updated design, WTP quickly became the friendliest and most noticeable paint brand on the shelf.

ISBN: 7515318996
Publisher: Dopress
English language
Cover: Hardcover
Format: 210 X 297mm
Pages: 256