About us — Choi’s Gallery vol. 13

Choi’s Gallery vol. 13

Branding project for the first English pub in Ukraine Liverpool English Pub created by Reynolds and Reyner made the pages of the internationally leading design magazine Choi’s Gallery, Volume 13. The edition with the world’s best graphics has a long history of the most famous platforms focusing the audience’s attention on fashion, graphic design, architecture, interiors design, photography, package design and other projects.

The most successful works of the creators from all over the world, each offering own authentic culture and traditions come together within a single booklet. Such approach provides the best presentation of the design tendencies and up-to-date innovations as well as forms a solid base for a creative inspiration.

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ISBN: 9781611750171
Publisher: Choi’s Gallery, United States
Publication date: Oct 7, 2011
Binding: Soft cover
Trim size: 280 mm x 217 mm
Pages: 224
Language: English