About us — Interview for Ucreative.com

Interview for Ucreative.com

Reynolds and Reyner, the design studio who are popular in the creative industry for bringing exceptional branding and packaging ideas has recently published a new project about branding Coffee House London and it’s definitely worth checking out. At first sight, you might really think the whole branding experience is for a coffee shop in London but in fact the coffee house finds its way in Kiev, city capital of Ukraine. It is like having a piece of London in an entirely different city. That makes this branding so effective and successful. Reynolds and Reyner’s one year of working with this identity project definitely paid off.

This unique branding project is complete with the logo design process and how it is applied in the whole identity design. YTD got the chance to get in touch with Reynolds and Reyner represented by two of their key members Alexander Andreyev and Artyom Kulik talking about the project in a short interview below:

Details: Ucreative.com

What are the guiding principles behind this project?

Coffee House London from the beginning needed to be a special place. Piece of London in the center of Kiev. Unique and very stylish in every detail yet still friendly and not expensive.

Why is it always necessary to start the design process with going through a lot of sketching?

It’s not just sketching. We starting from thinking and analyzing of business-sphere. We think about the project as if we are the owners of it. Designing is not about drawing – it’s about thinking. Looking for effective solutions in tasks. Paying attention to details in refining the logo is what I like about this project. The final logo itself has the classic yet a bit of modern style London culture. Combined through many familiar references which best symbolizes London, the logo is powerful enough to carry a strong brand identity.

The logo is so unique and powerful. What is your creative approach in designing the logo?

We split the process on stages and propose different directions of branding. This was we can find the best combination of high quality design and client’s expectations in their brand.

What keeps it unique from your other branding projects?

All projects are different. Even if we’re asked to create, for example, coat of arms – it’s always different vision behind it based on client’s objectives. The logo proves its flexibility by not getting away with its core message even when applied in various styles and executions.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in this project?

Combining classic and modern style, plus themes of London culture and process of coffee drinking. So it’s 4 almost absolutely different things combined in one.