About us — Our first book called The 50 Brands has been released

Our first book called The 50 Brands has been released

Reynolds and Reyner Ukrainian branding agency introduce their first book of The 50 Brands series. Throughout over 400 pages the designers feature 50 projects performed for the companies from different parts of the world. There are works starting from small coffee-houses in Saudi Arabia to such global brands, as JP Morgan, OPI and even design of the newest fragrance line by David Beckham, the famous professional footballer. The fact it is a bilingual book in both, English and Russian languages, appears to be its distinguishing feature.

It is some sort of a bright report on the company’s 5 years experience. Too many catching things have happened within this time and we have managed to partner 26 countries of the world and develop over 100 brands. The greatest number of projects is certainly performed for Ukraine, at the same time they make only 20% of the total value, the rest 80% standing for the USA, Canada, France, China, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the globe. The book is not about design only, it also tells about adventures and inspirations of the two design fans and the agency founders Artyom Kulik and Alexander Andreyev.

The 50 Brands is a book about 50 projects and 50 captivating stories behind the scenes. They are the 50 examples of metamorphosis into the customer and visualizations of their expectations. The book includes 20 most up-to-date projects, never published before, even on our web-site. Within digital technologies era both we and, apparently, the audience are too tired of PDF-files and decided to create something vivid to sense. And we do not intend to stop with this. It is expected that another fresh edition is to be issued annually later on, with the other new interesting works, secrets and advices how to create qualitative modern brands able to exist beyond the times added.