About us — Sample Magazine Issue 001

Sample Magazine Issue 001

Identity design special: We speak with 20 designers, from 13 different countries about unique identity design projects. Food & drink special feature: We take a good look at how to approach branding for all things yummy. Inside Sample. we outline the ‘nuts and bolts’ of each featured project – the fonts and papers used, the process steps taken – but we also delve deeper, exploring the ideas behind concepts, the research conducted and decisions made that culminate in successful design.

Featuring: Phoenix the Creative Studio (Canada), Reynolds and Reyner (Ukraine), Non-Format (USA), Rebels Studios (Sweden), Trina Daniel (Canada), Face. (Mexico), Morphoria Design Collective (Germany), Bond Creative Agency (Finland), Robot Food (UK), BigFan (UK), Miles Bradley (Australia), Oddds (Singapore), Ceci Peralta and José Velázquez (Mexico), Carlos Arrojo (Spain), Axek Efremov (Russian Federation), Polygraphe Studio (Canada), Daria Po (Italy), Snask (Sweden), Menta (Mexico) & Joel Pringle (Australia).

Details: Samplemagazine.com.au