About us — Our lecture for «Varti Imena» Project

Our lecture for «Varti Imena» Project

On the 29th of March, 2016 within the framework of Varti Imena project we were happy to share our international branding development experience with the colleagues. The event took place at M17 Contemporary Art Center. It is here that the biggest concentration of young creative bohemia, designers both freshers and professionals, creators and those who simply cannot imagine their lives without constant search of their professional identity is found.

M17 today is not just concert - and exhibition halls but a true platform for the development of vanguard youth potential in the field of cinema, painting, architecture, theatre, and primarily graphic design.

Details: Fb.com/events

Varto is the youth community of Kyiv organization of Ukrainian designers Association aiming to unite ingenious young people and in any way contribute to their creative collaboration. This is how Varti Imena project emerged. Thanks to it young audience has a great chance to know successful personalities, the leading designers and artists. It is not a secret that within a format of relaxed creative meeting one may obtain much more relevant information, entrance to the event itself being provided totally free of charge.

It is not the first public speaking experience for us and still there is some sort of excitement. When you see the hall fully booked not just with a crowd but with the conscious and catching attention looks you realize how much important are the things we actually do. We shared our experience of collaboration with such leading brands as large financial conglomerate JP Morgan, global leader in nail lacquer industry OPI, or for instance, world-class British football celebrity David Beckham, we do try to prove that truly cool design can and should be developed in Ukraine. The only question is how devoted to the process you are ready to be, as first of all positive result is possible only in case of total self-devotion and readiness for self-development and constant professional growth.

The atmosphere of the meeting itself provokes the audience to always think innovatively, take pleasure from the issue, and sometimes move against the flow and break any stereotypes. These are the first steps toward that very identity. As the guests of the event, we felt deeply proud that despite of the midweek and late after midnight hour none of the listeners left, moreover gave total understanding that the presentation had been fully informative and captivating. We are happy that by slightly opening the curtain we managed to inspire the audience and may be some of them have already started their difficult and winding way toward future success.