About us — "Design Pizza" with Artyom Kulik at Projector

"Design Pizza" with Artyom Kulik at Projector

Somewhere in the middle of Vozdvizhenka, where streets are swollen with historical spirit of ancient Kyiv and the air is spiced with adventurous fleur of students’ exuberance Projector, the school of contemporary design, is found. This is where on the 6th of October, 2016 the lecture with intriguing title Design Pizza with Artyom Kulik, the co-founder and Creative Director of Reynolds and Reyner branding agency, took place.

Projector is the progressive platform of new generation allowing both freshers and practicing experts to get and develop systematic and particular knowledge within the field of graphic design, calligraphy, product-management, internet-marketing and other relevant web- and production industry branches of the date. Captivating courses, workshops, as well as lectures of recognized professionals of the target areas are provided by the school.

Details: prjctr.com.ua

Favorable climate of creative elite comfort zone accompanied with the exquisite physical and intellectual facilities has constantly prevailed here. By following three main principals, such as Flame, Practicult & Feedback as the basis for the school policy Projector ensures indispensable opportunities to practice, get inspired, make mistakes and improve in co-working mode.

Within the frames of Design Pizza Artyom was generous with the quantity and what is more significant the quality of the experience-made materials displayed. Due to friendly delivery, bright visualization and complete obsession with the favourite matter the main message of brand identity philosophy was presented in the most accessible way. Continuous cooperation process with Ukrainian and foreign companies engaged in various branches and targeting dramatically different audience explains the fact none of the questions from the floor also remained unanswered.

Another prove of the lecturer’s complete self-devotion was faithfully broken voice. It is up to you to decide whether one should consider it some sort of sacrifice or not, but our best award would be even more qualitative product delivery within domestic and international level. And eventually this has not been without appetizers.