About us — The interactive map of our projects has been launched

The interactive map of our projects has been launched

We keep on improving our web and this time we are happy to introduce our new interactive map. It displays our branding projects for the customers from all the parts of the world. The map is a splendid example demonstrating our company’s volumes and speed of progress.

Now each user can get direct access to the detailed presentation of many works of the agency through the blue marks by means of GET-queries. While grey checkboxes mean closed projects available only upon special request. We are proud of each case and will gladly tell you about any of them.

Details: reynoldsandreyner.com/projects

Maximum of the most relevant and up-to-date information about each of the 120 projects provides us with quite an interesting ratio. Continent, country, city, building, date… the data is set as accurately as possible. A checkbox stands for the address of one headquarters of the company with our actual project only, while dozens of daughter offices are spread all over the world and are not marked in any way. At places the locations may be rather sudden and this fact makes us think the world is not so big or at least our rich experience allows us to narrow it down beyond recognition.

See some actual countries statistics. We have around 20 brands in Ukraine, over 40 in the USA and Canada, 15 in Europe and Russian Federation, 5 in China, 3 in Saudi Arabia and 3 in Australia. All of these are real project we are ready to show. Our customers are also in Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Ireland, India and Thailand. And the list is still incomplete. In France alone we were trusted the honour to create corporate style for Champagne Vincent D'Astree and Champagne Bauchet, the 2 famous producers of true champagne, and Franck Labasse, the original confectionery shop chain. The remarkable thing is that Kyiv and New York appear to be the top-cities with our branding. And though the map is now dotted with 120 marks of different concentration level, it is obvious that there are still many things to strive for and surprise you with in a future.