About us — Brand-new project for David Beckham is coming soon

Brand-new project for David Beckham is coming soon

David Beckham is the cult present-day figure who needs no introduction. Sport legend, fashion-leader, successful business executive, decent family man, people honoured him with all kinds of epithets. At least once but each on the planet heard about this object of both female adoration and male recognition. Still the fewer can assume the confident perfectly curved millionaire from the numerous magazines’ covers features personification of the most precious male virtues and is simply a model of goodness in his real life.

It is the very David’s motto saying ‘I try and live life in the right way respecting other people’ that became the key leitmotiv of the new project. As a regular volunteer of the numerous projects with the humanitarian mission Beckham treats anyone around in a very delicate and respectful way. He knows for sure that even the smallest attempt to make something good and selfless will definitely be reflected half way across the world, creating positive energetic background.

Website: beckham-fragrances.com

Our design concept developed for David Beckham was approved as early as in 2015, but is supposed to be released in late 2017 only. We will have a chance to publish it only then. The project was very demanding and started from the victory at the very challenging tender against the leading design studios of the world. Initially the concepts offered hadn’t impressed the customer but in the process one of them ranked TOP-3 and then became the winner. Its design formed the basis for not just a product but the entire advertising launch campaign. The project will be published in the end of 2017.