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International Designers Network v22n5 Publication

A design developed for ‘POM POM’, a modern and stylish lingerie brand from Los Angeles, was published in the ‘IdN v22n5’ periodical. IdN is an international company for creative people. Its mission is to strengthen the community of developers, to bring together designers from all over the world to communicate, learn and inspire each other.

One of the key graphic design magazines IdN has been published for 15 years and still surprises with its freshness of editorial views, intricate layout, wide theme and free format. It’s nice to read IdN even without having any relation to graphic design, there are a lot of materials on its pages about non-standard advertising campaigns, impressive promotional design updates and extraordinary gadgets. There is no place for boredom and tons of food for thoughts.

Details: internationaldesignersnetwork.com

ISSN: 1029-4805
Publisher: Systems Design Ltd
English language
Cover: Hardcover
Format: 215x260mm
Pages: 240