Ji Qing Li
Ji Qing Li: Limited collection of exclusive tea from China
Scope of work:

Logo design

Packaging shape

Packaging design

Transportation boxes

Ji Qing Li tea brand was created under the influence of world famous fashion designers and their works. It is a classic Chinese tea which is shown with its absolutely new modern look. The one to give a perfect fit into interiors of contemporary luxury yacht clubs and suites mostly visited by its target audience.

The tea itself is genuinely unique as it is harvested only in March and April in very limited amounts and can be bought only when booked in advance. The brand was supported by the logo showing the letter “Q” integrated into the pattern with tea leaves and the exclusively shaped packaging which required effort taking technological preparation and tests.

The final result met the client’s expectations having delivered the idea of both being natural and premium and having a brand new look.


Year: 2014
Website: jiqingli.com