Franck Labasse
Franck Labasse: Pastry store from Bordeaux, France
Scope of work:

Logo design

Brand identity

We were approached to help Franck Labasse launch his first pastry shop in Pessac, a borough of Bordeaux, France. With over 15 years’ experience working with industry greats, Labasse’s goal was to deliver exceptional premium pastry products, both traditional and contemporary.

We developed a sophisticated signature monogram and logo, opting for a color scheme focused on black, white and Bordeaux gold, in contrast to the hot pink used by many competitors in this category. The choice of gold also reflected the quality of the product; Labasse’s ingredients are of exceptional quality and his creations require extensive handiwork.

It was particularly important for the Labasse brand to have a strong visual identity from the start, as the shop relies heavily on foot traffic and would need to draw customers in from Pessac’s newly redesigned city center. With our help, Labasse is on the way to his goal of establishing a brand on par with some of the great pastry shops of France.


Year: 2013